For Bottle-Feeding:  Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow

These bottles worked very well, even though Atticus couldn’t form a good suction around the nipple.  We inserted a pigeon valve (pictured below, right) into the nipple of this bottle and he drank with no problem.  The NICU supplied us with 6 pigeon valves.  To my knowledge you cannot buy these from a store or online.  These valves were a life-saver for us and are probably the reason why Atticus did not need a feeding tube as a baby.













For Drinking:  Rubbermaid Reusable Juice Box

When Atticus was ready to move beyond drinking from a bottle, these are the juice boxes that we used.  It is difficult for Atticus to form his lips around a straw, but he drinks effortlessly from these juice boxes.  You don’t have to suck very hard for the juice/milk/water to come out, so they work perfectly.


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