ALP_4307My name is Catherine and I am a data-geek, a researcher, a lover of numbers and SAS programming.  I’m also a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a cat-mom, and a mother.  This blog is primarily focused on being grateful for everything that you have and making the most out of every day.  It wasn’t until I was faced with true hardship that I was taught the amazingly life-changing lesson to really look at the positives and take nothing for granted.  My child, Atticus, was born with a rare medical condition called lymphatic/venous malformation.  His malformation affects his tongue and lower lip and is very noticeable to onlookers.  His tongue was massive when he was born.  He has had one tongue reduction surgery, multiple laser treatments, multiple bleomycin injection treatments, and one lip reduction surgery.  He has had a tracheostomy since he was 6 months, mainly to ensure a stable airway during surgeries.  There is no simple fix to this condition.  It is an ongoing journey.  Despite what he has gone through so far, he is an amazingly happy and healthy little boy.  He brings inspiration to all who encounter him and has taught me to live my life in a way that makes me so happy and grateful.  This blog will share information and experiences, and serve as an outlet for other parents of children with a facial malformations.  You quickly notice that you can’t leave the house without children and adults staring at your child and you see them wondering what exactly is going on with your child’s face.  This is all part of our journey, and I look forward to facing these challenges along with you, the future readers of this blog.

If you are new to this blog, my first post The Beginning is a great place to start.

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