The past couple weeks have marked some pretty big milestones.  October 31st was the second year anniversary of Atticus getting his tracheostomy.  November 7th marked the second year anniversary of Atticus’s major tongue reduction surgery.  I remember when Atticus first got his trach, we couldn’t hear any of his little noises – not even his cry.  He has come such a long way since then.  His speech is even better than your average 2.5 year old, even with his enlarged tongue.  And even with a trach, you can understand what he says perfectly.  He is so talkative that it is hard to imagine that we were ever concerned that he wouldn’t be able to speak intelligibly.

The little boy in the train engineer costume had an amazing Halloween.  He went trick or treating and came home with a Frankenstein bag full of candy.  What a welcome change from spending Halloween in 2012 in the hospital getting a trach and gearing up for a major tongue surgery.


This is also a big week for Atticus.  He will have his second treatment with Dr. Richter at Arkansas Children’s Hospital at the end of this week.  He will have another round of sclerotherapy (bleomycin injections) and he will get more lasering done to his lip.  It will be very exciting to see the results that we get from this treatment, especially since it may take a couple treatments to see results.  We do think that we see results from the first treatment though – so we will excitedly wait to see the results of the second treatment.  As always, there will be swelling afterwards, so it’ll take a month or so to see the effects.

Stay tuned!

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  • Patricia Kurilla says:

    I am truly grateful for his progress….I’m looking forward to the results….so far, so good!

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